Thoughts for not finishing plate + compensating at mealtime

Hi Brooke !

Two questions:

1- I regularly find myself eating a few more bites beyond the first signals of satiety, either because I’ve served them to myself and feel like I should stick to that, or what’s left is too little to make sense as leftovers. This is ridiculous but I’m having trouble breaking that decades-old habit.

You’re so good at suggesting thoughts we can use in various situations, do you have a couple to offer for this?

2- I’ve committed to no sweet treat after dinner for the month of may, and have been doing ok with one exception (calling it a learning opportunity!) but I am finding that I tend to eat a little more at dinner than I used to (like some cheese) to avoid feeling hungry later and being more tempted to eat that treat. It probably cancels out my effort in terms of calorie intake.

Any suggestion on how to adjust this?

Thank you!