Hi Brooke,
I joined SCS in June. The first month, I watched all the over eating videos in a weekend. I just listened to the program as a total overview and planned to go back through the program and take notes and really dive in. Then came the July and August with great topics on the past and purpose. I listened to all of the podcasts, and several of them, I listened a second time. I watched about a third of the coaching videos and about every other day, read through the Ask Brooke Q & A. So far, this is what I have done. My thoughts are creating overwhelm and creating NON-action. I was asking myself why and my answer is that I want it to be set up as school work to follow with a “set schedule” around my full time job, mom duties and all of the to-do’s that I have. When I think of the program, I see how much is offered, and I want to do it all. ……Over eating, buffering, money, and for sure, the monthly topics. I would love it if I could just do SCS like a full time college student with the days and times all laid out for me, LOL. I want to soak up all the info. I really want to do the work,yet I am wanting to line it up in the “right order” . I am trying to figure out if I need a paper calendar planner to schedule out so I can just do the work and not think about the which and when. My thinking about my household chores, things to do, and SCS that I prefer to do are getting mixed up in my head like a crazy toddler. When I was in high school, I was a great student and super organized and now my thoughts are is that I have menopause brain, can’t get my shit together and FOCUS and DO IT. I also messaged you about the Miracle Morning book and thought maybe getting up early may help as well.
This past week I had thoughts of quitting SCS since I have not taking action DOING instead of just being a “watcher”, but I know the answer is to truly get my ass in gear and really do the work. Is this something we could live coach on? helping me to focus and get the most out of SCS? HELP ME 🙂 HUGS, Tracie
HUGS!!! Tracie 🙂