Thoughts of “I’m not driven like Brooke or my other role models.”

I was doing thought work on my business’ financial results last month. Here’s the model I came up with on why I had those results:

C = Profit for business was below $1k for month of May
T = I’m not driven like Brooke or my other role models
F = Hopeless
A = I don’t pitch to higher-paying clients, I don’t guest post, I keep lower-paying clients even though they take up all my time , I don’t make time to work on A tasks to grow my business, I make a MHO plan but I don’t follow through, I give in to urges, I resist my emotions instead of leeting them come for the ride, I doubt myself and my abilities by thinking I have no qualifications, I don’t post on my blog, I don’t send out newsletters, I don’t work on my inbound marketing, I don’t cultivate subscribers to make it easier to sell something of value to do them, I don’t create products.
R = I earn $1-2k/mo

I find this thought of “I’m not driven like Brooke or my other role models” to be very insidious and something I really believe to be true. When I hear Brooke talk about her Hewlett Packard days, I see that as evidence that she was always driven, and therefore destined for great things. Even if she stayed at Hewlett Packard, I bet she would have continued moving up the ladder and would have been financially well off.

Another role model I have is also super driven and competitive. When she was building her business she woke up 3am to work before the kids awoke. She still does this and works until 5pm. I think she goes to bed at 9 or 10. She’s built a multi-million dollar business, but again, I find myself saying “I’m not as driven as this person. I would never be able to do this.”

Physically, I really think I can’t because 5-6 hours of sleep simply isn’t enough for me. I know Brooke wakes up pretty early too, though I don’t know what her bedtime is.

Then I also feel like they have schedules I’d never be able to keep up with, and therefore, I can never be like them, or more importantly here, have the results they have in their business.

I’d like to put this thought to rest because it’s not serving me, but I also know it feels like a fact right now. How do I work through this?