Thoughts on money!

I have a desire to leave my partner and move out. I have some options on where to go.

These are a couple current options I feel OK with:
1. A $1,300/month room in a large mansion, in a neighborhood I love, with 5 roommates my age
2. Move in with mother for free only until Certification is paid off

If I had endless money, I would immediately go with Option #1. Alas, I do not have endless money.

C: Coaching certification costs $3k/month for 6 months. My CC has been charged 3 times and paid off one of the charges so far. I currently make $2,778/mo at my full time job.

Thought 1: I’m fine with going into debt for Certification. I have faith I will make the money back easily once I go all-in on Coaching.
Interrupting thought: NO! I should be “responsible” and live cheaply so that I can pay off my credit card debt faster and easier

What do I do here? Trust myself that I will make lots of money and go with the Option #1 room with the possibility of feeling stress from time to time due to Certification debt and paying more CC interest? Or be “responsible” with money and temporarily live somewhere I don’t really want to live so that I can pay off my debt faster and easier, therefore paying less interest on my CC?

I am currently feeling a lot of pressure to decide (I know this is just a thought). The mansion owner, my mom, my current landlord, and my partner (albeit, unknowingly) are waiting on my decision and I would like to give them one. It’s hard!

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge that I’m aware moving in with my mother is not the only option for paying off my CC debt “faster and easier” and this is merely a thought. However, it’s the one I’m having right now. The more options I have = the more thoughts I have = the more anxious I feel.

Any and all advice is appreciated IMMENSELY!!!