Thoughts on Paying for Services or Not & Money


I am noticing that I don’t want to pay “a lot” of money for coaching (what seems to be a lot of money for me right now). I’d prefer to use free resources and different paid resources rather than pay for a specific coach’s services.

And I’m making this mean:
I am greedy
I am not contributing
I am being bad
I am not giving back
I shouldn’t be using their free resources if I’m not going to pay for their full coaching package (aka I should pay for their full coaching package even though I don’t want to)
I’m cheap
I won’t be able to make a lot of money unless I pay a lot for coaching
I won’t be able to figure things out on my own

I’d love some coaching on these thoughts.

What I’ve done so far:
1. I noticed some of these words need definitions. For example “cheap”. Cheap to me means not paying for something even though it ​would fit the requirements, only because of the price. Which is not what’s happening in this situation. I have other reasons not to purchase the coaching – it doesn’t fit my requirements.

2. I noticed these are thoughts. Not facts. Neither true nor not true. I can choose to think them or not…. though some of them seem easier not to think than others (which is ok, that’s why I’m here, posting this).

Some thoughts that have helped so far:

What they’re offering me isn’t what I need. It makes sense not to buy something I don’t think will help me, something that I think won’t provide me with the amount of value they’re charging. I’m allowed to be anywhere on the internet, including listening to anyone’s podcast, including this person’s podcast.

Thank you!