Thoughts on urges

I have thoughts about urges that create powerlessness…

This is impossible to resist
I’ll never be able to resist it
I’ll try resisting it tomorrow
I’d be a better person if i didn’t have these urges

I’m working to generate my own positive thoughts about these urges. Looking for some suggestions for thoughts.

I want generate peace, calm, and empowerment instead of overwhelm and powerlessness. But I’m noticing that I haven’t found the thought that creates that. I’ve tried on some new thoughts, but I’m not connecting with the emotion I want. I’m using my imagination to picture what I want to feel, and I know what I want to feel, but I can’t identify thoughts that create that emotion.

Asking myself the question: what does a person who feels this way think? And I keep hitting the “I don’t know thought.” Then I ask myself, “if I could guess, what would it be?” And my brain goes blank/unconscious.