Thoughts about Paying Off Mortgage

Hi Brooke – Thanks for your last answer! I have joined Kris Plachy’s email list, listened to a couple of her podcasts, and have a consult set-up with her next week.

This week I’d like to share some of my thoughts around money, becoming a coach, and paying off our mortgage.

We don’t have debt except for an outstanding mortgage of about 340k. We’ve paid this down from around 400k in the last year and have a financial plan to get the rest paid off over the next 5 years. This involves a budget that has room for some discretionary spending (like SCS!) but defers other big ticket items.

I’ve created a lot of drama about this house since we bought it 3.5 years ago. I regretted the purchase immediately after buying and have seen it as a source of financial stress, and “tying me down” to my current job, hence the plan to pay it off early. I LOVE thinking about living in a fully paid for house and having an additional level of financial freedom.

At the same time, I have a limiting belief that “I cannot make as much money as a coach as I make now.” I’ve listened to your podcasts about this and would love to change that belief, it’s part of what I’m working on with the March workbook.

Here’s what I’m wondering – how do I balance my goal of paying off the mortgage with making investments in coaching? Earlier this week, my husband approached me about a couple of things he’d like to update in the house, let’s say it’s 10k worth of work. My thoughts about this upset me because I felt like he was backing off on our plan to pay off the mortgage. But at the same time, I’ve started to have thoughts about going to your coaching training or making other investments in coaching, and those would also take away from what we were putting into the mortgage.

Would love to get your take on this. Thanks in advance!