Thoughts presenting as feelings…

Dear Brooke,
Doing my homework this am I noticed that every thought had a “feeling” in it. EG: “I’m worried my son will feel rejected, I’m sad I didn’t spend time more time with family last night, I’m deeply grieving about the recent school shooting (!!!!), I’m worried about my kids’ safety, I’m pissed at that mom for defending her daughter and not thinking of effect on my son”. It was really interesting to observe this. It was like my feelings and thoughts were so tangled in a way they haven’t been in awhile. Yesterday was a feeling full day … or was it a thought full day… in any case what to do here? I’m having a bit of a challenge this month over last because the homework doesn’t involve models. So I do the thought download then go to the thought/feeling work. Maybe if I’d done a thought download on one of my thought/feelings 🙂 I’d have started to untangle????
Gracias !!