Thoughts that created the feeling "dedicated" or "devoted"

I have been struggling to follow my plans to get up in the morning and do the things I have scheduled for myself before going to work. I did a thought download while feeling very disappointed in myself this morning, and started working on this model after I’d written down that “I oversleep and ignore the plans I made for myself” – I put that sentence in the A line and worked from there:

T: I’m a mess
F: resistant
A: I oversleep and ignore the plan I made for myself
R: I don’t trust myself

I struggled a little to find the thought that was causing my resistance, but “I’m a mess” felt close.

Here is the intentional model I’m working on around my actions of oversleeping and ignoring my own plans.

F: dedicated
A: I keep commitments to myself
R: I trust myself and create value for myself and others

What are some thoughts that might help me move toward the feeling of dedication or devotion?

Thank you!