Thoughts to practice/believe as a weight loss coach

Brooke and Team:

I have some habitual thoughts that never produce a feeling/result that feel good:
-My ability to get clients and appear credible will always hinge on my own physical appearance.
-As a weight loss coach, it is my job to look the part and walk my talk.
-I can’t “afford” to be even a few pounds overweight because I won’t have the confidence to show up for my clients.
-I can’t ever let myself go.

In theory, these thoughts *should* keep me in check (i.e., incentivize me to maintain my weight), but they feel fear-based and not at all good to me. That my professional success is always tethered to my appearance makes me feel under pressure, tight, anxious, constricted, stressed, obsessive, and ashamed (when my weight fluctuates). Then, the result is more frequent cycle of binge-shame-restrict.

Is there anything wrong with these thoughts, if theoretically it makes sense that clients should take advice from people who look like they do what they preach? Should I keep or modify them slightly, and just choose to feel differently? Should I practice believing new thoughts, and if so, what would you recommend?

Thank you!