Thoughts vs Sensing

I related to the world in a ‘sensing’ way. Meaning I don’t necessarily have ‘sentences in my brain’ that are generated from a C.
I interpret through sensations I receive in my body – this microdata from the world around me is perceived by me, then becomes a feeling.
What suggestions do you have for people who do not think in sentences?
A common situation /example might be that if I slow down and see what my ‘thoughts’ are about a C, it is ‘this C is not trustworthy.’
I come to that because my sensing mind wants to flee, avoid, discount, the input.
Is this a trauma response?
What are your suggestions for managing trauma in the context of the model?

A more concrete way of putting it – I often think that I do not trust the person coaching me when it is someone random and not someone I have worked with before. And when I get coached or get feedback, I feel discounted, not seen. And then I look into it further and ask myself why do I feel discounted, it comes to a thought or question of ‘is this gaslighting?’

Can coaching be used in a way that harms?

I would love to hear Brooke or a senior teacher address this in a workshop or module.