Throw Away Your To-Do List Question

Hi gals

So I did the Throw Away Your To Do List approach once and it took me several hours and five full pages to download all the to-dos in my head and I couldn’t bring myself to actually throw it away. There was no way I could have scheduled all of it in a week so I put it all in Trello so I wouldn’t forget it but still wouldn’t think about it, and never did a full to-do download again. I continued attempting to calendar on a weekly basis from that first list, but wasn’t honoring it, so got nowhere. Resultingly, I went completely off the wagon with calendaring and want to get back to refining this system for myself, hence this post. So: Do you REALLY throw out the whole list?! Even if it’s five solid pages long? Do I throw it all out, and take several hours AGAIN the very next week to download? Rinse and repeat? Or is there another idea for when I’m just getting going with this system? Advice appreciated.