Throw away your to do list webinar

Hi! I am trying to implement the strategies in the throw away your to do list webinar but I find myself writing down things to do that are six months in the future and are challenging to put into a calendar.
1. Is this too far out to plan?
Maybe because I feel overwhelmed with the list between now and October, I am struggling to put it in my calendar (the things i do calendar go great! I love the method and making decisions ahead of time).

2. Also, if I am planning far ahead, and then also planning once a week, how will there be room to fit the weekly to dos that come up when I’ve already planned out the next three months? Should I be leaving more free space when I plan more than a week ahead? I am so curious how Brooke does this.

3. Right now, I feel that I have to be more productive than ever to achieve my impossible goal but I don’t see a way of doing this that doesn’t involve working like crazy Monday through Friday. I want to make time for deep thinking, but with the massive to do list I am trying to fit on the calendar that deep thinking time feels out of reach during the week. Im a researcher and everything in my work is essentially driven by me. The podcast with the millionaire group also hit home when the women talked about not hustling harder— i know my thinking around this needs to change for me to up-level my work, but picking new thoughts to think has been a struggle!