Throw out to-do list – how far in advance

I am so grateful for your Throw out the to-do list training last week! I am a planner and am very well organized but I was constantly rearranging my to-do list based on what I felt like doing at the time. Things always got done before deadline, but I always felt like I was behind and it was very hard to turn my brain “off” at night and just relax. I did the to-do list brain dump, scheduled all of my tasks through the end of the year, crossed off about 50 things I just don’t want to do, and have stuck to my schedule for a week. It has been incredible! The biggest benefit so far – I can relax at the end of the day without feeling guilty about not using that time for my business.

My question – how far in advance do you recommend people schedule themselves? I get that it’s not ok to change your schedule in the moment, and I’m assuming it’s ok to change your future schedule. For example, I just rearranged the week after new year based on observations from our thanksgiving trip. Since I’m changing that schedule with my forward thinking brain I feel like it is ok. So is there any reason I shouldn’t go ahead and schedule myself farther out? I can easily add in tasks through next March with things I want and am excited to do.