Throwing away my to-do list while raising young children

Hello 🙂

I have watched the “Throw away your to-do list” webinar and I’m 100% on board. I love the process Brooke is describing and I was able to do most of it before I’ve got kids. I have decided to raise my children and be present for them but I still want to do some “professional” work like writing, researching, keeping up with the latest research in my field, learning new skills, creating activities for my kids, reading and reflecting about parenting, etc… And I don’t even mention the logistics that I want/need to do around the house and for my children. But life with a toddler and a baby is so unpredictable that I can’t get done what I schedule so I don’t always honor the commitments I make to myself. Or when I do honor them I don’t get enough sleep.

All this leads to a lot of frustration and overwhelm. I’m not sure what I can do. Should I just allow uncertainty? Should I stop making plans? The thing is: I now have the longest “to-do list” I have ever had and zero time when I can get it done.

Thank you so much for your help.