Throwing Spaghetti

Hi Brooke,

I am in my fifth month of business and am trying lots of different things to see what’s working, what’s not, who my peeps are, etc. They are all related around coaching and money, but they are different “tactics” and niches within that. For example, I am doing a lot of in person networking as well as online marketing. I am creating online coaching programs as well as more traditional wealth management services. I also developed a physical product around money that I’m really excited about.

However, do you see my issue? On the one hand, I crave more focus and a strategic vision for my business. It sometimes feels like I’m just throwing spaghetti on the wall and I’m all over the place progressing slowing on everything bc I have so many balls in the air. On the other hand, I am getting valuable information from everything I’ve been doing and it’s helped me get a better sense of what I like vs don’t like.

So my question is: should I focus more and just change my thought (i.e. Just decide and make it work)?

Or, should I keep doing what I’m doing and change my thought (i.e. I have time to create many projects in this early stage of business to find my peeps)?

Are they both valid and I should just pick one? I’ve been going back and forth and it’s been an energy drain. What do you think?