Thursday model

C: Thursday @ 5pm
T: I don’t even know what to do right now
F: flabbergasted
A: don’t honor what’s on calendar, lay in bed, spinning thoughts, watch tv, eat junk
R: ?

C: Thursday @ 5pm
T: I know exactly what to do
F: focused
A: look at calendar, do what’s on it
R: honor calendar

I’m not sure what result I get from my thought and actions in my UIM.

Also, I think part of the reason for my T line in the UIM is because there are things that I didn’t do earlier in the week that need to be replaced on my calendar which I have yet to do. So I was battling the question of: do I do what I had already scheduled on my calendar for Thursday at 5pm or do I take some time to look at what needs to be replaced from the earlier part of the week instead of doing what’s schedule for Thursday at 5pm. In my IM I put that thought because I figured just taking action on what’s already on my calendar would at least get the ball rolling for me to be taking action anyway. I hope I’m making sense. Thanks ahead of time coach!