Did some work on Time. Could someone take a look and give me some feedback? Much appreciated, coaches!


C: Time
T: There’s never enough time.
F: Restricted

A: Restrict my time
A: Hoard time to myself
A: Push boyfriend away when he disrupts me while I’m trying to work
A: Rush around unfocused trying to jump from thing to thing while in the middle of a time block I scheduled
A: Push myself to get things done in record speed so I can be impressed with myself for my level of production under pressure (I recognize this A has a lot going on)
A: Attempt to fit/cram as much as possible into my days/into my week during MHO decisions time
A: Block my creativity
A: React in the moment/during the day to my feelings like rushed, hurried, and neglect my important time blocks (at the expense of myself, wasn’t sure how to word that)
A: Overcompensate for the lack by being “ultra productive” (which is my excuse for rushing and multitasking which doesn’t actually make me faster)
A: Use the lie of “I can still get it all done if I hurry” as an excuse to push a time block out/extend the time block to make up for me not working efficiently enough to finish in the time I gave myself
A: Take passive action
A: Force myself to/white knuckle working through massive actions
A: Don’t set impossible goals
A: I don’t enjoy the journey

R: I don’t spend my time efficiently.
R: I don’t have enough time.
R: I exhaust my resources (time, brain power, creativity, money, attention, energy).

C: Time
T: I have plenty of time to create whatever I want.
F: Freedom

A: Self-generate my own inspiration to fuel fresh, innovative, and creative ideas
A: Schedule my results for the week deliberately + purposefully
A: Only put the most important work on my calendar for the week, and “procrastinate on purpose” (a.k.a. delay the unimportant things)
A: Schedule my week in order of the most important priorities first (mental health, then physical health, then relationships, etc.)
A: Don’t rush trying to get things done as quick as possible in order to prove something/overcompensate
A: Show up calm, and work with a clear, uncluttered, focused mind
A: Be on the lookout for/find ideas and concepts to help me and my clients
A: Don’t white knuckle my attempt to work efficiently/don’t force productivity
A: Focus on results + creating things rather than consuming or doing or checking things off a list
A: Take massive action from a positive emotion
A: Don’t spin in circles taking passive action
A: Set impossible goals
A: Enjoy the journey toward evolving myself and working toward my goals

R: I create and achieve whatever I want.