Time abundance/productivity

Hi coaches:

A common theme throughout my coaching is around the use of my time, intertwined with procrastination and not following through on my calendar.

An assortment of thoughts around this:
I have a lot of time compared to others and I am wasting it
I buffer away a lot of time
I can’t relax even in scheduled down time
I believe I am not productive enough relative to time available
I should be spending my time doing X and Y
I don’t want to do X and Y in the moment so I procrastinate and buffer
I don’t want to do X and Y because of [indulgent emotion]

I should be productive in the evenings
I shouldn’t have to be productive in the evenings (comes from same brain!)

I don’t have time scarcity – I have a lot of time – (time abundance?) but scarcity thinking over how time ‘should’ be spent, perhaps?

I’d love to get a handle on this. I have done a lot of downloads and work on this already (time well spent!) including uncovering the morality I place on productivity, why I believe I should be doing X, etc.

Where can I go from here with my thought work? Should I be focusing on following through on calendared tasks, or something else?
What am I not seeing in my thinking? Is this a simple old ‘allowing urges’ to procrastinate thing? Do I not have a ‘time problem’ at all, but just a human brain?

The R I want is getting shit done, basically.

Thank you