Time and getting it all done

I work full time, have 2 children and am working on an impossible goal of building an incredible business.

I am finding a hard time getting everything done. With SCS I have become much better at changing my thoughts that I can get more done throughout the day and am focusing better; however. I have thoughts that I need to effort my way to my goals in my side business and think that the 3 hours (-ish) a day I can put into the business (around family and work) are not enough to meet my goals. Obviously this is not serving me.

I’ve started organizing my week every Monday and putting all into my calendar after viewing your webinar. I don’t follow it as well as I could but will do better this week upcoming. I also find that I get super distracted with my day job.

I’d love some coaching on this model and to find the thoughts that will create more action and focus.

C My goals
T I don’t have enough time to do it all
F Overwhelmed
A Do too many things at once
R Not using my time wisely

C My goals
T I have plenty of time in the day to do everything i need to do for my business
F Determined
A Organize my day
R Follow my calendar and finish tasks