Time And jobs

I’ve been building my own business on the side of my full time job for the last year and a half and I’m happy to say I’ll be transitioning to my new business starting in May! I’m beyond excited. However the last few months at my full time job have just felt miserable! The more excited I get about my new business the more being at my full time job feels like time I’m forced to be somewhere I don’t want to be. It’s really exhausting to be wanting to do one thing but feeling like I have spend my time doing another. I guess I should be feeling excited that it’s almost over and soon I’ll have the full freedom to choose how to spend my own time completely and intentionally, but I feel like I should be enjoying these moments I’m still at my full time job still too. If my current full time job is no longer aligned with future … I guess my question is how do we enjoy things that we don’t want to be doing or aren’t aligned with our vision of ourselves and how we want to use our time??