Time/Coaching Work Follow-up

“Why don’t you own ALREADY own you have control of the 24 hrs in the day”
– not sure I understood this?

I answered the question “how do you feel when you “want desperately to be working on scholars?””

– got F: wrong, impotent, pressure
A: inaction, spinning, buffering
R: not doing more scholars work
TDL: feel overwhelmed (all the to dos of my current situation) i’m probably indulging in overwhelm then, I don’t want to do that, I see all the things I think I want & need to feel more able to take time on scholars, but can’t do for myself right now. I feel pressure. If I don’t do it, then I’m paying to not work on what I believe will actually help me.

– this TDL & model help me see that all this unproductive thinking and energy could be used on scholars, I feel a bit more clear. . .

On this same thread I did a model:
C: money but crossed out because money is not neutral for me right now
New C: currently making less than needed
T: I’m in trouble, I’m not ok, everything will fall apart or how do I keep it all together
F: anxious, terror, fear, panic
A: go work but not being in cognitive place (do to T line) to fit scholars work into my driving time (which I think can be done/ have tried some) or business work (I know! My businesses can be profitable and maybe bring in cash right away to some degree) or spinning, pacing, inaction
R: not taking action on biz that could bring in money
So then T is reinforced.

Then did this model
C: taking action on biz (probably not neutral for me?)
T: it will take time that doesn’t make money yet
F: scared, impotent
A: spinning in thinking, inaction
R: not taking a action on biz

So then I know right now I need to get a flyer off my website and check my email client – seems like smaller bite size chunks

C: do flyer/email client
My T line goes to fear about doing it right or not being able to figure out – so I’ll do a TDL on that and model…..

What coaching would you offer w/ all this?? Thank you! 🖤