Time/Coaching Work

I am not finding how to find time.
I want desperately to be doing my coaching work. Money is urgent. I’m needing to work every minute to make it. And, I’m a athlete & must train physically several hours most days. I’m also recovering from PTSD – I just can’t seem to see my way through time right now. (Doing neurofeedback for executive function – soon I should have help from my own brain)
My models seem to be unclear.
Each day I am looking at digital rime and cutting more and more I catch out. I don’t watch tv, I really do have most hours packed w/ the important things but I want so badly to add more time on my scholars…. right now my answers are to keep at my neurofeedback, keep bringing in better paid work so soon I can work less, and to keep trying at it.
Anything you might suggest for me to do to try to take mote control of time?

Mainly my time wasting right now is actually just a mental break from driving for work or manual labor etc… I’m monitoring my phone usage. So I don’t believe that I’m wasting much time – it is more of a legitimate break.
Thank you!! 🖤