Time to Finally Feel

I’m almost embarrassed to post this as I know many people are scoffing at me right now. (Already revealing….that I feel embarrassed!) Recently I listened to you coach someone about how she was always busy and saying she was stressed and busy. You reminded her that those thoughts are a choice.

Truthfully, I am not busy. I have more than enough time. The thought that I am struggling with are as follows…

“I want to create something…I don’t know what… I’m wasting time.”

I have lots of time right now, and I am grateful for it. I am craving some creativity, and yet I can’t seem to commit to a project and I’m quite agitated by it! I know the thought that I’m thinking is…

“I want to create something. I don’t know what to create.”
Is a possible alternative…”I have to slow down to hear what’s next to create.”

I’m curious how you come up with each next thing in your business.

Alright…there are the quesitions. THANK YOU. We are rockstars. Thanks for leading the way.