Time Management- Focusing

Hi Coaches, I’ve written you a few times this month about the homework because this is really challenging for me. I thought I could manage my time well. I picked organizing my house for this month’s work and realized quickly I was trying to get more control of my life , thinking this would do it. I ran around like a maniac for the first couple of weeks doing everything. My house is clean and organized but my mind is still not happy . Turns out the house was just a symptom of an unorganized mind. I can’t find focus in anything I do. I multitask and complete nothing . I see my faults way more clearly now and I’m beating myself up about it. I want to start the month over and chose another goal. I would organize my two jobs I do. I work more than full time at theses jobs. I know I’m not being efficient because my brain is always working on both at the same time. I did this when I completed my Masters and worked full time while raising four teenagers. I don’t know how to stop doing this. So, I’m reaching out to you for some guidance. This work is life changing for me!