Time management with frequent unexpected emergencies

Hi Brooke,

I started listening to the time management stuff this month. I totally agree about making commitments, putting blocks of time on your calendar, and sticking to a schedule. I have been working on creating a coaching business for a while now. I feel frustrated because every time I feel like I’m getting momentum and I’m in a good flow of getting things done, some emergency happens that takes me away from my business and delays launching my program. Since last summer, the following has happened: 1) I’m an only child and my father has fallen and broken both hips, two separate times. I have spent entire days at the hospital each time. 2) My daughter has been very sick, twice, out of school for over 30 days total since November with multiple visits to the doctor for tests. She’s OK now. 3) My dog has had 2 episodes of vomiting all night over the last 5 weeks, requiring emergency vet visits along with lost sleep. 4) My son is having emotional issues that require therapy and he’s also not doing well in school and we are trying to help him there.

I have tried to work as best as I can during these times, but it is really hard to stick to a schedule and commitments when you’re juggling life (work + regular kid and household stuff) and then these emergencies keep happening. Then whatever you had planned to do that day doesn’t get done, because you’re sitting in the hospital, doctor’s office, or emailing teachers about making up lost work, or doing other numerous things that you totally didn’t expect and couldn’t plan for.

It would be SO nice to just have regular life for a while where no one is sick or in the hospital or needing intervention. But lately it seems like once we’re through one crisis, here comes another one. What is the best way to manage time when shit keeps coming up to throw me off track? Thank you.