Time management goal

Hi, I am doing the workbook on time management and I absolutely love all the concepts of creating time. I am in the phase of choosing a goal for 1 month that I will fully commit to and plan out every single day. I love the idea however I am having a hard time choosing.

I am torn between 2 options: progressing my divorce (solicitor, writing agreement, talking to my ex … which I don’t find exciting at all but I know ultimately it will help me get the life I want) or working more towards improving my energy management.

This would be mostly through getting better at time management as I will start the certification program in April, have young children on my own, a full-time job and I am already struggling to keep my energy level constant so that at the end of the day I still have the energy to do my coaching, thought downloads, look after my kids etc.

Having said that I struggle to make that goal specific and non-repetitive (like go to sleep at that time, wake up at this time, take a break etc…). I would really appreciate help and thoughts! Thank you so much.