Time management homework

Hi there

I love this work. I’m so good at it!!!!

I totally forgot how much I love planning and how much I can plan the things I want to do and not only big events.

Thank you!!!!

I have one thing I want to consult you on.. so

I started a charity project for small kids in Africa. I’m soo soo passionate about it, so I make posts on social media, I tell everyone etc.

And you know the feeling when you are so excited and want to do it all and now.. that it leads to exhaustion.

And I’m like all over the place, because I always write the people back immediately and it doesn’t bother me but I don’t have this activity like planned.. I do it all day long a little bit (writing back, posting, telling people) I can’t measure it.

What do you suggest?

With scs homework or sending out cv I have a time and I do I then. Like you said.

Would love to know how you would do it!

Big hug