time management / mother with big dreams

Dear Brooke,
I am so happy i am (finally) writing!
I am a independant trainer/ facilitator. I have big dreams and i determined to make them happen.
My question relates to time management.
Lately and I improved A LOT with planning my time, avoiding buffering, stop loosing time with worries & judgements, managing/my brains who tends to develop all kind of interesting strategies to take me away from my task list.

BUT I am still struggling very often with honoring my plan.
My first challenge is :
I over-plan, i plan too much things / i am very optimistic regarding time allocation.
My second challenge is: unplanned events mostly related to family/ health issues very often disturb my work plan. I have a lovely two years old little girl who gets sick , then i get sick, then the nursery is on strike , then.. etc.
I had a massive action plan for May and then i found out i am now pregnant with a second child (which is great! we wanted it) but then i am sick again, and my massive may action work-plan looks like mini-action plan 🙁 .

I often think about something you said in one of the podcast i think, like “i plan my time with love and compassion for myself” but so far i my time management looks more like “surviving and overwhelmed young mother trying to achieve her professional dream”
any advices ?