Time Management/Priorities

Hi Brooke,

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day full of freedom and happiness!

I am a journalist, author, master intuitive coach, person devoted to self-care and a spiritual path, and a wife and mom. I have a practice at the beginning of the day that’s getting longer and longer. Here it is, basically:

1) Meditate
2) Tap (EFT)
3) Eat breakfast and prepare lunch
4) Exercise
5) Listen to a spiritual or self-help podcast or course webinar/module
6) Listen to a writing podcast or course webinar/module
7) Write Fiction or New Content

Only After all this do I:

7) Check emails and social media
(By now it’s afternoon!)
8) Do my marketing
(This takes an amazingly large portion of my afternoon!)
9) Have client sessions
(3-4 a day/1 hour each, plus notes)
10) Deal with three (virtual) staff members
11) Many miscellaneous things like organizing, cleaning for my cleaning lady, etc.

Only after I finish some of this (I never get Part B done all the way) do I deal with family. When I’m traveling, all bets are off. Also if I get a client in another part of the world, I tend schedule their sessions in the morning so they don’t have to stay up til 3 am or something. (Actually, I have a real problem scheduling in so many different time zones.) My medical appointments are two or three times a week, and I try to make them in the afternoons, but can’t always manage it. Then there’s my hair appointments and massages to fit in once a month or once every other month!

I tend to forego eating sometimes, which is never good. I believe I’ve gained weight not because I’m in love with food (I stay away from flour, sugar, and wine as much as possible), but because I forget to eat lunch or postpone dinner and then eat a slightly larger serving because I’m starving for dinner.

How do I organize or prioritize so I can keep all this in my life? Or should I drop something? I’d rather drop something than continue feeling this overwhelmed. I’ve been on this track for 2 decades, (and still adding things I think I need to do), and I turn 60 next month! My self-care is stressing me out! Help!

And much gratitude for your wisdom and humor!