Time Management Question

I am still struggling with managing my time. I do a lot of one-off projects around my home, and I’m finding that unexpected complications arise. For example, in putting spacers in the outlets in my kitchen, I found that each outlet was a little different, and I ended up making three trips to the hardware store because the solutions that were suggested did not work (or only worked for one outlet). In hindsight, I realize that I should have collected more knowledge before starting; however, because I am learning as I go, it’s hard for me to predict what issues might arise and know what information I will need in order to fix them. I do not have this problem with things that I do more regularly, such as painting.

This is causing issues with my planned schedule. Any suggestions? I have thought about scheduling an amount of time to work on a specific project, stopping when the time is up, and scheduling more time at a later date (but it seems silly and inconvenient to have my outlets – that we use – pulled apart for more than a day or two because I didn’t schedule enough time). Or would it be better to schedule a chunk of time to work on the house, and then just accomplish as many things from my list as time allows? My husband and I are constantly choosing things to fix or upgrade, so this will likely be ongoing. Thank you for your guidance!