Time Management (several goals)

I am working on several goals in parallel: Weight loss / Getting a promotion / Finalizing an 18 month training that includes a consequent number of assignments / Preparing a TED-X like presentation for my company within an internal Masterclass project / Launching my business — in addition to my regular occupations (mother of 3 teenagers, house care, cooking, friends coming for dinner…).

So I’m trying to clearly and intentionally split my time between all these topics and plan them. This week, I’ve taken vacation days to progress on my assignments for the training, the promotion pitch preparation & creating the plan for my TED-X like presentation.

When I’ve divided the work into small pieces, I’ve noticed that it is too much and will not fit within the deadlines I have. I’ve tried to go over that and still plan my week. But, what happened is that I felt so overwhelmed ,”I’ll never be able to do it all,” and spend a lot of time buffering with SCS videos. The result is that I haven’t followed my plan and now it’s even harder to get it all done as I wasted the days I’ve planned to dedicate to this work.

I’m aware that regret is not the solution and that it’s not useful to argue against reality. I’m trying to find a thought that could help me go back to work and be creative to find a solution to get it all done.

Could you please help me with that ?