Time management vs living in the future and not enjoying your present

Hi, Brooke, this is my second day as SCS, and i am still discovering all the content around here, but i have a question about “planning your time”. Since my early childhood and for the last 20+ years i have been a “good girl” preparing for the future, thinking long term, postponing fun, going extra mile, taking extra assignment at work, volunteering, etc. I agree with you that planning is a very efficient tool and it helped me become quite successful, but the reason why i signed up for SCS is because i have not learned to enjoy the present and be happy in the moment, which creates the feeling of constantly sacrificing something important, even thought intellectually i do value my professional achievements, but i don’t feel like i am able to enjoy them fully (hence, overeating and overdrinking). How to apply your advice and model around planning for my case, where I am perfectly organized when it comes to work, kids, external commitments, and not when it comes to making the time for planning weight loss, reading, blogging or other “me time”. I have been listening your podcast for quite some time and i do see that i should probably de-couple and isolate different issues here, I am just not sure where to start. I am secretly afraid that if i do less at work, everyone would notice that i am not as good and it would harm my company, which i just started a year ago, but i also associate being slim, and in control and “we don’t know how she does it” image with success, and i don’t feel successful in my current size and with my current regime. How would you recommend setting the monthly goal or daily tasks for my homework? Thanks!