Time question

Hi, Brooke!

I am so pysched about this months’ topic because it is exactly perfect for me. My goal by the end of this month is to get ALL the paper in my main floor and top floor organized and to get my taxes done, uploaded, and filed (I filed for extension for the fourth year in a row–I would love to get this done on time in the future).

I did my huge list and made my weekly plan–I created documents I can use over and over–but I am discovering this: nothing fits into the time frame I allow. Nothing. Every single thing I have tackled so far has taken longer. Last night I was halfway through my goal box, too, and I just ran out of steam, too. I am getting things done but am finding it very difficult to stay on schedule. So right now, I’m behind.

I’m sure it must be me, but I am at a loss right now as to how to apply that “gentle pressure” to help me get things done. Some of it is lack of focus and procrastination, but some of it is also that things just seem to take longer than I plan for, even when I’m focused.

Any thoughts, ideas, or pointers?