Time to Part Ways with Client?

I recently took on a new Google Ads client, who hired me because their previous service provider was negligent.

The client provides a highly specialized medical service with very limited demand (custom facial prosthetics).

They assured me that they have had great success in the past with Google Ads, but blamed the last 18 months’ decline on the negligence of the previous service provider.

I just set up a premium quality Google Ads campaign for them (to include dedicated landing pages) – huge improvement to what they had previously – and it’s been running for three weeks. I doubled their traffic within the first two weeks.

The client is complaining that they have only received five phone calls during this time. (Prior to this they were getting zero).

Seven days ago I sent them a video analysis of their results thus far and my top three recommendations for improving their campaign right now (which require their approval to implement, as well as some additonal landing page content contributions from them).

They told me they watched the video, which is not true – they haven’t even opened it. They have no feedback for me on the recommendations I have provided (probably because they havent watched the video.) I asked for feedback on the recommendations in the video and have received no response. I doubt they will bother watching it.

If we don’t implement my recommendations, I don’t think their results are going to get much better. The market demand is just too low within their surrounding 100 mi radius to rely on local inbound marketing alone. They have long neglected all other forms of self promotion.

At this rate, they believe they will probably go out of business soon. I am willing to go above and beyond to add value outside my scope of work but they seem completely disinterested in participating or making decisions.

I had several conversations with the client about the limitations of Google Ads before we even got started, but I still think i could have done a better job of setting realistic expectations. I also think I should have done a better job of vetting this client (on the verge of going out of business = not a good fit). I definitely am concerned about them not telling me the truth after they lied about watching the video. What else have they quibbled about that has given me unrealistic expectations about being able to help them?

At what point do I make the decision that i am not a good fit for the client and that it’s time to part ways with them? Should i be concerned that they will probably not be able to find anyone to replace me (their monthly AdSpend is too low for most agencies).

Am I giving up too easily?