Time to work out

I have a very demanding job that requires a lot from me. I’m going to travel three times this month in total and I’ve got 5 deadlines this week and another 2 next week. There are some days where I work 12+ hour days. It’s not all the time, but it’s maybe like that once every couple of weeks. I also work on the weekends from time to time. I’ve been wanting to lose weight, so I’ve been working on cutting down on sugar, and my cravings are definitely more in control after doing thought work. What I have trouble with is fitting in time to work out. Then when I’m working, I resent not having more time to work out, and I tell myself that I’d be further along on my body goals if I had more time to work out. Then I think I should just walk away from this stressful job so I have more time to do things that I like doing. But I like my reasons for staying in my job for now. During the day, I have this inner turmoil of feeling this urgency to work out, but not being able to when I have more work to get done. This conflict robs me of my attention that I need to get my work done. I feel wistful, sad and distracted when I think that I’m gaining weight because I’m not moving enough. Then I try to change the C by cramming in a workout at lunch or going on a walk. All in all, I end up feeling very stressed when I do this. I feel my work and work out both get short changed and I feel guilty about working out, or working a lot. I feel very stuck right now.