Time use indecision

C: I have five hours of free time.
T: I can’t decide which activity is the best use of this time.
F: Panicked
A: Avoid committing to an activity in case it isn’t the best way to spend the time. Stew in indecision about whether to join my husband for an activity he wants to do (might not be the best use of time after all!). Jump from activity to activity to figure out which one is best. Listen to momentary urges about what might be the best and most productive activity. Worry about choosing the wrong way to spend the time. Worry about future regret. Worry about next scheduled activity and how it’s getting closer and closer.
R: I use the time trying to decide how to use it.

Any advice on using Monday Hour One or other tools for managing my mind in this situation? Any tweaks to the model for more awareness?