So I think I had a breakthrough today, but I would like your help with my model about this event.

So I last night I made the plan to go to the mall to have my eyebrows done this morning. I didn’t have an appointment, but I wrote done a time in my planner and wanted to honor that plan. So I park in the parking lot and then pull out my phone and start checking email or something. Almost immediately, I realize that I am buffering. I am having a panicky feeling and am procrastinating getting out of the car and going in. I then tell myself that this is a normal feeling, nothing is wrong, I always feel that way. This was a revelation to me. I have never stopped to think that I have this feeling almost every time I go somewhere.
I also realized that this is likely why I am so often late. I want to avoid that panicky feeling, so I procrastinate leaving or going in until the last possible second…until there’s an “external” deadline. If I can learn to manage my thoughts and feelings about this, I can learn to be consistently on time! Wow!

C: going to store or event
T: I don’t like being around people
F: panic
A: buffer, procrastinate
R: late (I don’t have to talk to people before event starts)

new model
C: panic about going to store or event
T: This feeling is normal. You have it every time. It will be OK.
F: panic
A: get out of car and go in.
R: Arrive on time….it’s normal…no lateness, no need for excuses

By the way, your procrastination podcast was really awesome. Thanks for all you do!