Tired and needing rest or buffering?

I’ve been tired a lot lately. The past few months have been full of big changes, lots of challenges, and big emotions in my life. A little over a week ago I had a really”bad” week and was feeling tons of anxiety and some deep sadness and depression as well. I’m feeling better now (emotionally and mentally) but every day since I feel very tired to the point of not having energy or motivation to get things done (like unpacking and setting up our new house, completing work projects, etc…). I’m almost certain it’s not my diet as I’ve been eating well, I always avoid sugar, flour, alcohol, and caffeine anyway. It might be hormonal (I’ve had a history of hormonal imbalances that have a really big impact on my energy levels). Or I can’t tell if I’m just feeling tired as a way of buffering and not getting things done. Or if it’s tiredness from some feelings that I might not be aware of, like apathy, defeat, lack of motivation, etc.. Part of me wants to give myself a couple weeks of rest since I’ve really had a rough few months, but I also feel like I should be doing more at home and with my business. I miss having energy and feeling motivated and inspired. I did a model on it but wasn’t sure if it was the correct way to use the model because I don’t want to make myself feel guilty if this is one of those things that I should learn to be more okay with for the time being.