"Tired" and Physiology in the Model…

When I was drinking, I became aware that I’d feel “down” the day after a drinking binge. Yes, a hangover headache and whatnot, but also just “down”. Crabby, unhappy, dark. As I moved to going off sugar, I noticed the same thing. I’d be off sugar/flour all week – but when I had a piece of carrot cake on Friday night, I’d wake up on Saturday morning “down”. I’ve heard it called a “Sugar Hangover” – which I get. Now I’m off sugar, so no more of that. 🙂

However, “tired” is a thing that pops up now and then. For example, yesterday at about 5pm or so, I felt physically tired while at my desk. At about the same time, I ran across a person’s offer online who is in the same market as the business I’m launching. She’s a few miles down the road I’m starting down – and, I want to say because of being “tired” – It was a bit easier to be pulled into the thoughts that created fear, insecurity, doubt.

So I went to lay down to both deal with the “tired” and also experience the fear, insecurity, doubt – knowing those were just the emotions from specific thoughts. As I rested, I felt a bit better. The clouds parted a bit (even though the fear, insecurity, doubt were still hovering) and it allowed me to do models to shift that other person from a “competitor” to a “teacher” who is here for me … to help me do self-coaching, but also to be a role model of what’s possible in my future – PLUS everything I can learn from them in their book, podcast, and videos. Definitely a leap from dark to light.

So my question is … is there, at times, a physiological component to this work. Meaning – are we a bit more prone to unhelpful thoughts when we’re “down” from alcohol, sugar, or being tired? Not saying that’s an excuse. But just curious how you see that part fit into the puzzle of it all. AND if you were modeling “tired” or “sugar hangover” – would you model that in the C-line? (Could you even go as far as putting “Feeling down due to Sugar Hangover” in the C-line?) Curious how you see physiology with the model. Thanks!