Tired – is it a C or T?

Brooke, Hi! & THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. I love the homework this month. I’m excited to sit down at night & write out my purpose, brainstorm & note what I have done & what I need to do in regards to my purpose to make meaningful & heartfelt contributions to the World w/ a consciousness of co-creation, vibrancy, gratitude & abundance.

Is tired a C or a T?

I woke up today very tired. I thought- maybe this is a work hangover from powering the past few days…

C: Tired
T: I’m not feeling it – that creative, motivated energy.
F: tired, blah, lazy
A: laid on bio-mat & watched an episode of Nashville this a.m.
R: I did get out of bed. LOL

C: Tired
T: It’s okay to take a break & you know you will still take massive action.
F: relaxed
A: brainstormed about fundraising ideas w/ an event planner, submitted the material requested for talk show radio interview, worked on instructors manual & prepped for class tomorrow. Did Thought Download on PYSB & questioning timing on scheduling Interview & Board meeting one day after the other – went from thinking it was bad timing to thinking it was perfect timing as I am getting so organized & so clear on my purpose.
R: I did take breaks for self-care & took massive action.

So Is being tired a C, T or F or e all of the above?

Love, Ginny

P.S. The vet confirmed our puppy, Moana’s bacterial infection has spread to one of her heart valves. She is perking up on antibiotics, so it’s a wait & see journey.