Tired – feeling or thought

So, I woke up tired. My thought was shit; I feel groggy and tired & didn’t sleep well. This is going to be a hard day. Damn I prefer to wake up perky and clear-headed like yesterday.

C: Woke up – ?
T: This is going to be a hard day
F: Discouraged
R: Hard day

I know I had different thoughts after thought – shit, this is going to be a hard day. Others thoughts must have included – like make coffee, listen to something inspirational, etc., you can take a nap later, damn why can’t I be a better sleeper?

I want to feel loving towards myself & still do the things I planned to do today. I have flexibility so it would be easy to get some stuff done, prep for class, free-form write, do meditation practice, & organize my week.

C: Woke up either thinking or feeling tired
T: I can practice self-care by thinking loving thoughts as well as follow through on my Sunday to-do list
F: Loving
A: calendar week, write, meditate, nap, do 30 minutes Spanish, and do follow up email with grant writer,
R: Follow through with to-do’s with self-care