Tired, Pregnant and Really Ready!!! ;)

Hi Brooke!! Now that you so beautifully coached pregnant lil me to realize and remember that there will always be a reason to not grow my business, I am on board and ready to grow my coaching business and the yoga/ personal development workshop/ retreat based business I currently have with my best friend! I believe that I / we could greatly benefit from a business/ building a business/ entrepreneur niche type coach and so does she.

We need help with marketing ie building our base of clientele, which is currently starting to feel tapped out as we just pull from our yoga classes and from what we post on our social media – no ads – just posts. We are getting sick and exhausted of ‘pulling teeth’ every time we have an event and have to promote it. Don’t get me wrong we are hard workers and love what we do, we just know that there are some ways we haven’t tapped into – like facebook ads. The idea of learning something new tech wise makes us cringe so we always like to hire someone to help us get on boarded ie we use someone for our mailchimp and website when I know deep down we could do it, we just prefer to spend our time elsewhere are pay someone for that. Same with marketing.

We also could use someone for overall strategy and big picture business plan. We both want to make 150-250k per year and would like some help on best ways to do it within the confines of doing what we love AND within the confines of both being moms (well me soon – her already :)).

Who do you know that can help us?

We both are willing to spend around $1000 each, totaling $2k (for now) where that would include several sessions and homework. We could always keep this coach on if it is just the best fit ever and spend more as we go. Thoughts?

Tired, Pregnant AND Blowing my own mind with my Biz (Laura Conley :))