Is being tired a though or a circumstance?

So, I played 18 holes of golf today on a beautiful fall day. It has been so hot here that for most of the season I have been riding in a cart. Today it was definitely walking weather. On the 3rd hole I thought, god I am so tired. In general I think I have low energy compared to most of the women my age , 67. I know that is a thought because how can I really know. I just “know” based on observation. Anyway, barely in to my little over 6 mile walk on the golf course I thought…geez I am tired.
Unintentional thought
C- I am tired (I think this is a C)
T – I am never going to make it, I am going to be so exhausted after this
F- unmotivated to enjoy the beautiful day
R – day not enjoyed
Intentional thought
C – I am tired
T – so what? Put one foot in front of the other and I am going to enjoy this beautiful day
F – happy and able to enjoy the weather (we saw ducks, deer, lots of fall colors)
R- walked the 6 plus miles enjoyed the day, feel happy and accomplished
I know this isn’t the perfect model, but how did I do…..