Tiredness and feelings

Hi Brooke,
I feel tired a lot. I’ve worked on changing thoughts (most helpful is “I feel tired today and that’s OK”) but I do think objectively I get more tired than others.
Recently I got in an argument with a stranger. It lasted only a few minutes but afterwards I was surprised to be exceptionally exhausted. It made me realize how tiring big feelings can be. I’m wondering if part of my tiredness each day could be from resisting feelings. I’ve had a lot of change in the last year and I’ve been focusing on action and moving on. Do you think it could help my tiredness to spend time processing feelings and what would that look like?

If you have any other tips for overcoming tiredness I’d really value them! I’ve noticed September with a big 30 day goal I was getting especially tired – I had a lot of anxiety/adrenaline around my goal – and am now in bed with flu.

Thank you.