Is tiredness a feeling? I’ve been treating it like a circumstance and having lots of negative thoughts. When I am tired, I become very negative and angry. I have some minor health issues that cause me to need more sleep than the average person. I have two young kids, so my sleep schedule isn’t always predictable. Currently, my youngest isn’t napping, and I feel frustrated at him because he woke up early this morning and I am tired. I not even sure what the model is for this one, but the tiredness has been a major struggle for me since my kids were newborns. I became very depressed for months after my second was born, and my happiness was always based off of whether I got sleep or not. If it weren’t for the lack of sleep, I think I would have 10 kids;) I would love to have another one one day, but only if I can figure out my thoughts about sleeping. Where I stand today, I would only harbor resentment to a child that doesn’t sleep. I need lots of help with this one Brooke!! Any advice you’ve got would be greatly appreciated.