To believe in "I have made $100K in 2018", Part 2

Hi Brooke, I hear you, not to engage in the not believing thought, and move towards the new belief. The question is how to move towards the new belief.

For the first two months this year, I made $7056, which is not going to get me to $100K by the end of the year if I keep the same pace. However, the same two months last year, I only made $1104, so that’s a 7x growth.

I don’t know why my brain is doing this –

one voice says, this is freaking 700% growth in one year, it is amazing, and if you keep growing at the same rate, even if you half your growth, you’ll get to your goal, you get your work in front of more people, more people will buy;

the other voice says, well, this last year, you are just selling more, and get invited to collaborate, but you can’t increase your price given the current client base, you may not be invited back again. you’re lucky in the first two months, and you probably can’t even keep at it let alone increase from there.

So I tried the laddering thoughts:
– I can’t make $100K in 2018
– I’m not making $100K now, but my business has been growing, and it is possible to keep growing.
– I have shown the ability to grow my business in the past, and I am only getting better at growing my business as I keep learning, practicing and managing my thoughts, so it is possible to experience good growth again, and make it to $100K in 2018.

Brooke, what do you think of these laddering thoughts? Do you have better ones for me? Do I keep practicing them?

I know my brain tries to take me back to the old belief. The push and pull is a constant battle. Do we ever get to a place where we instantly believe in a new thought we create?