To believe in "I have made $100K in 2018"

Hi Brooke,
Every day I have written down this sentence that I want to believe. I know and I hear you say, that “it is not your job to know how, your only job right now is to believe it”. And my future self’s note to myself now is always, “this is a done deal, just believe it”.

But my thought is still, “I don’t know if I can. I still don’t see how. Going at my current rate, my current pricing, and etc., this is still far stretched.” I feel afraid that I will disappoint myself.

Then, I tell myself that I am doing the inside job, working on the belief, working on my thoughts, and as I do the inside job, and consistently take steps forward, things will show up, the how will show up.

The thing is, I have two voices, the scared self not believing, and I also know what I need or want to think about.

How do I reconcile? How do I move further away from the scared and not believing self to the other?