To Blog Or Not To Blog

I am an aspiring playwright and am writing these days my very first plays as a showcase for my work, which I hope one day will see the light of stage.

Since I’ve been a scholar for more than a year I have benefited greatly from the thought work here and I have never found anywhere this advice to writers about how their thoughts can create a completely different experience of the process as well as the result.

I used to depend a lot on other blogs and search up answers, inspiration and motivation “out there” and with each search the underlying question was “please give me the exact recipe of how to make it and please make it easy!”

Recently I started playing with the idea of starting my own blog and offer advice for the very things I couldn’t find there all the years, while combining what I learned from Brooke and target it particularly to writers like me.

When I mentioned it to few friends, interestingly, they all had the same response: “Well, you are still an aspiring writer yourself, so what makes you an authority to blog about something while you don’t have the results to show for it yourself?”

And ever since I heard that, I agreed with them and said, “You know, you are probably right. People take Steven Pressfield advice or Seth Godin because they are who they are. They are not aspiring to be. They already are.”

And so I dropped the idea.
And yet it keeps gnawing at me.

I wonder if you could help me see another way to look at it as still valuable even though I don’t have plays produced under my name yet?