To confront or not

C – Client said “she needed to stop her membership because of financial strain”
T – I will offer her a scholarship for 1 month
F – Empowered
A – Extend her membership; coach her for free
R – I create a scholarship opportunity for my business

During one of the coaching sessions, however, client tells me that she has invested in another coaching program and that she went into her savings to buy that program.  I then feel used.  Client then goes on to violate policy of the membership community by posting an advertisement of her speaking

Now I have a new model:

C – Client tells me that she used her savings for another program
T – She’s disrespecting me
F – Angry
A – Write ask a coach, tell client about the policy violation , in next sessions terminate scholarship early

I want to terminate the free scholarship and do it direct, but need help with my model R having me in it and not her. In this model I don’t think I’m disrespecting me. Struggling to get my R